Bamboo Massage

Rattan is a type of bamboo which is solid rather than hollow. Rattan can be heated or cooled. Rattan is made of silica, which has an outer cover or tiny quartz like crystal matrixes that are activated when they encounter the right conditions of mechanical stress. It is a grass species that can grow 2-3 feet per day. It is considered a renewable resource even when cut. Bamboo is one of the multifaceted plant of our planet. It has earned it reputation from its noble and soft appearance as well as its perseverance under harsh conditions in the Orient. This ancient plant is from Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.

Effective Release.

Symbolically, they represent flexibility, welfare, elasticity, sincerity and good luck. It is called a steel plant for strength and durability. Spiritually bamboo symbolizes strength, youth, peace and fertility in Asian cultures. The rattan or bamboo sticks are found to provide an effective therapy using various shapes and sizes applied to the body along with massage and oils. The sticks provide leverage and can give effective release through, rolling, kneading, pivoting and myofascial release. Rattan can give therapeutic, relaxation and trigger point therapy. The bamboo tools can be added to massage as an aid in specific areas or a stand-alone therapy by itself. The rattan can be warmed or cooled another aid for delivering thermotherapy or cryotherapy.


This therapy helps with relaxation and re-energizing the body. It helps a deep state of relaxation by loosening deep layers of tight muscles, relieves deep shoulder and neck pain. It helps with circulation and skin tone. The technique of pressure and frictional gliding produces a fluid dynamic that encourage drainage and tissue regeneration. It provides a state of relaxation that avert the tensions accumulated during the day. Different size of canes is helpful for certain contours of the body combine with gentle movements and deeper tissue work which help the nervous system instantly correcting the most congested areas with friction and percussion. Its beneficial effects for toning skin, tendons, joints, reduce muscle tension. Different diameters and lengths are used because these individually let calibrate the pressure of each vascular crossroad and each relief of the body allows the body to physically relax.

It allows the body to physically harmonize the body as well as the soul. This therapy can be applied to the face, head, elbow, hands, and abdominals. Helps reduce pain and discomfort in the neck and upper extremities. It is a safe and therapeutic effect on the body which can leave results for days.

Bamboo massage is both relaxing and soothing releasing body tension.

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