Cold Stones Massage

History of Cold Stones

Frozen marble penetrates beneath the skin layer into the fascia and muscle, reduces inflammation and aids in detoxifying the body via blood flow into the centre of the body.  Cold is a powerful decongestant pushing fluid and wastes with muscles that are tense, overworked and inflamed.  It gives an alternative constriction and dilation of blood vessels.

Cold stones tonify the facial muscles and strengthens bodily systems like the immune system.  Cold stones are used to aid inflamed muscles.  When used along with hot stones that are sedating, cold stones have a stimulating effect.  Helps increase the body’s metabolism, muscle tone, body’s stimulation, decrease of pain and decrease of inflammation or swelling to flush toxins back to the body.   Marble stones are cooler than any other stone in nature.

Benefits of Hot and Cold Stone Therapy

  • Releases deep tissue
  • Induces a state of deep relaxation that relieves stress
  • Accelerates circulation of blood to the muscle tissue by stimulating the circulatory system increases oxygen to the tissues
  • Helps eliminate metabolic waste in the tissues by stimulating the lymphatic system
  • Boosts the immunity system
  • Helps to relieve pain and muscle spasms, relieve tension headaches, increase joint mobility
  • Cold stones reduce inflammation
  • Cold stones relieve sinus pressure and pain
  • Cold stones applied to fingers and hands can help relieve carpal tunnel and nerve pain
  • Cold stones shock the nerve receptors to reduce nerve conductor velocity and reduce pain
  • Psychological benefits include relieve anxiety or nervousness, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress, boosts the levels of dopamine and serotonin while decreasing stress hormone levels, reduce mental stress


  • Hot Stone: induce a deeper state of relaxation, address sore tired muscles, relax muscle tension or hypertonicity, pre-deep friction work, pre-trigger  point work, increase circulation, best used for stiff joints, increase blood flow
  • Cold stone: reduce inflammation, pre/post deep friction work, pre/post trigger point work, tendonitis, TMJD, nerve sedation, lymphatic drainage, decrease pain and swelling

Specific Conditions

  • Arthritis – heat is only used in this specific area
  • Tendonitis – cold is used on specific tendons, heat is used for chronic long term conditions and acute inflammation or sub-acture conditions cold is used
  • Bursitis – cold is used on the area only with no compression, heat is used on the muscles that are overcompensating
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – hot and cold is used on overcompensating muscles, on the carpal tunnel  & hand itself cold is used for cross fibre work and deep muscle stripping
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Torticollis, Rotator Cuff Injury – overused overcompensating muscles heat is used, cold is used on inflamed and injured tissues as well as nerves overfiring
  • Patella Femoral Syndrome – the tibialis anterior is treated with deep muscle stripping and cold stones, while hot stones are being used on the quadriceps and gastrocnemius muscles, cold is used around the patella and anterior leg
  • Edema – cold stones are used for drainage of excess fluid
  • Fibromyalgia – hot and cold are used together to treat nerve flare ups
  • Hyperkyphosis – rolled forward shoulder posture hot and cold are used together to alleviate patterns
  • Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction – cold stones are used for the inflammation of the tmj, deep muscle stripping
  • Sinusitis – inflammation, allergies, sinus congestion is treated with cold stones


  • Ease menstrual cramps – placed in abdominal area to help draw swelling and help menstrual discomfort
  • Boost circulation – cold stones are placed in strategic locations on the body,helps reduce high blood pressure, cold stones are applied to the hands, feet and extremeties to draw blood back to the core
  • Treat sports injuries – tendonitis with cryotherapy, soothing inflammation of muscles and joints radiating through the painful area and reduces swelling, helps blood flow to heal the injury quicker
  • Pre or post cross fibre fractioning or trigger point work – cold stones acts as an analgesic to numb the area in order to reduce pain sensory receptors therefore using it post treatment will also reduce swelling after deep work has been done, hot stones will help fix reduced pain receptors
  • Energy levels revitalized – cold stones can contract the muscles alleviate bloating boost energy levels throughout the body, boosting the coping skills of the body
  • Reduce swelling from various activities of the body – work, sports, accidents with cold stones.
  • Improve skin conditions – increasing vascular flushing and nutrients to the area, stimulate collagen, detoxify tissues and the skin, eliminate inflammation to the facial muscles, assist in relaxing muscles of the face which can contribute to wrinkles and muscle tension
  • Treat headaches – by shocking the muscles holding patterns and tension causing inflammation in the muscles, treat pain by affecting nerve receptors, affect circulation by contrast of hot and cold massage