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Solidea active compressions socks

Graduated compression line of socks with patented micromassage fabric that activates blood circulation. The special three-dimensional wave weave with a strong relief combines a micromassage action with ventilation improvement to ensure perfect skin transpiration, keeping feet always dry and at the right temperature in all seasons, preventing the onset of bad odors even after many hours of wear. The tonic effect of the micromassage favors blood circulation to give well-being and energy. The active micromassage generated by the fabric leaves light furrows in the skin, a sign of its drainage efficiency. These disappear after a few hours and leave the skin smooth and free of excess fluids.

The stocking is made of bacteriostatic yarn, this has the following benefits:

  • It Blocks the proliferation of bacteria
  • Helps maintain the biological balance of the skin
  • Prevent venous insufficiency
  • Especially recommended for all sports activities
  • Reducing cramps
  • Protecting varicose veins
  • Eliminates and forestalls formation of lactic acid
  • Its graduated compression avoids useless energy loss

For best wearability, we advise to put on your socks in the morning with dry skin.

Available at Wildflower.