Foam Rollers

The advantage…

You won’t find any better combination of quality and value. Viagra vs cialis. The difference between a brand name medicine and a generic one is in the name, shape and in the price.

Foam rollers are remarkably simple to use, yet are almost infinite in their range of application. Because they are lightweight and economical, you can exercise mostly anywhere in any position. Whether standing, sitting, kneeling or even lying in bed, you can use foam rollers to build strength and flexibility. And what’s more, they are fun to use.

Foam rollers are cylindrical in shape, which means they challenge the body on move than one plane of movement(up, down, sideways, forward, back). These functional challenges enhance your balance reactions and strengthen the critical stabilizing, core muscles often overlooked in traditional exercise.

In addition to leading edge functional exercises, foam roller also serve as an ingenious tool for myofascial release. Myofascial release is a highly effective therapy that has been used for more than a century to heal chronic pain and injuries, improve flexibility, circulation, poor posture and relaxation.

Foam roller techniques can release the pain-causing adhesion between the fascia and other tissues in the body.

By exercising and massaging with foam roller, you will generate greater body awareness, you will re-educate and strengthen your muscles and you will improve your endurance. You will also notice increased relaxation and improved circulation.

And because they are quick and ease to use- unlike so many modern exercise programs- foam rollers are perfect tool for the busy lifestyle.

Foam rollers at Wildflower:

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  • smaller one- $12.95
  • foam roller handbook- $11.95