Holiday Survival Kit

The Holiday season is not joyful for everyone…

Some of you may have no family nearby to celebrate with. Some of you may have lost a loved one around this time. Another may be single and no-where to go. The pressure of having dinner with couples when you are not can be stressful. Whatever your reason is, if you dread the Holidays, here are some tips that may relieve some of this stress.

Prepare yourself:

  • Get something creative to do to help your mind off the heavy feelings. Examples could be: Adult Colouring books (not just for the girls…they have some cool male ones as well…Google “adult colouring book for men”), Looming a scarf or a hat (for the ladies),
    Doodle over the holidays (this can be blank paper to fill up with drawings), Create Soaps, Create a car race track paint (whether it’s fixing up old furniture or something for on the wall – you can decide)… The list goes on and on. If you need inspiration, visit a hobby store and get yourself inspired.
  • Go outside and enjoy the abundance of winter activities out there. Recharge your batteries. Physical exercise will release endorphins to help with mental stress. They’re released from the pituitary gland of the brain.
  • Destress with Reiki. As it’s dealing with mental emotional issues, this can make all the difference going into the season.
  • Scale model building, like a boat or a car you love. Enjoy the process of putting it together. Make it for yourself or someone else.
  • Take photographs at the Zoo. Make a huge print of the best one and frame it.
  • Turn up your favorite tunes and dance (singing optional) any stress away.

Whatever you may decide on, we wish you a joyful season, where it is also a time to rest from your daily responsibilities. Sending you healing light whenever you need it!