Kids and Massage

An article on MSN “Spa treatments for kids raise waxed eyebrows” was showing that there are 10,000 spas in the US for teens and pre-teens. This is for anything from Manicures and Pedicures to Massages.

According to the Touch Research Institute, massage is good at all ages. As you know, it reduces stress, alleviates depression, and improves immune function, just to name a few benefits. As parents, we enjoy giving our kids a massage to relax them and to nurture a beautiful connection. But when should a child go for professional massages?

The average age is about 12 years old. Teens already in high training it’s a huge benefit. They can recover quicker and they can prevent injuries similar to adults. Massage has the same purpose and benefits like for older athletes.

Or make it a family event. It’s a great treat for the whole family, when on holidays or quality time during a family weekend. Kids can get special attention and feel pampered together with their parents.

Don’t hesitate and start introducing your child to massage.

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