Non-medicinal Anit-depressants

As a Reiki Master/Practitioner, I see a good number of people suffering from depression. I too, have suffered from this in the past and it’s tough. I was always looking for answers on how to help myself – without medication. Reiki (as a lifestyle) has helped me tremendously, but I came across something even better through events earlier this year.

I was going through a very big challenge. Intuitively, I knew that this event would bring me the answers I wanted – and also needed – for a huge spiritual transformation. Long story short, I had my hopes up for something particular to happen in my life, and as it was manifesting, it unexpectedly went all sideways. It hurt me on deep core levels, yet my gut told me that it was only because something better was about to come up.

I looked deep inside myself, read some really good spiritual ‘theories’ to guide me and wrote all my thoughts in my journal, as I often do; I also read some of my old journals. There it became clear that my thoughts were all the same even years back, just with different circumstances. I shifted right then and there, instantly. It was a very conscious decision. I learned that I was addicted to my negative thoughts and emotions which played behind the surface of my life. I burned the journals as a ritual, with the solid intention to stop thinking like that once and for all. I let go of the need to control, and instead to go with the flow of life, trusting that it is in my best interest.

It’s our mind that labels things good or bad, and that is where the suffering starts. If I catch myself judging a situation as good or bad, I switch my thoughts to “It is what it is” and try to see the beauty in that moment regardless of how I perceived it in the first place. The past is the past and the future still needs to happen. Trust that the Universe will serve up the best. Miracles do happen, once you let go. Everything is based on a frequency. Change your frequency if you are “not happy” with “what is”…

Written by Norja Vanderelst

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