Relaxing during a pandemic…

It’s a task to help yourself relax through a pandemic like the current COVID-19.
Here is a list of things you can do to help boost your immune system:
  • Breathe with focus. This may sound logical, but if you actually focus on your breath you stay in the moment. This helps your body relax, and stops your mind from worrying way into the future. Practice this every time you feel stressed, depressed or anxious.
  • Get creative. Do crafts with your kids, or take up a new crafty hobby. There are a lot of YouTube videos to help you get started. Knitting, painting, drawing, sketching, doodling, scrap booking…to name a few.
  • Get outside. This is normal daily practice for most. Sit around a campfire with your family in your back yard, or go for more walks with your dog then usual. Keep the social distancing in mind. If the sun is out, it will be even more beneficial.
  • Eat healthy. Also most of you practice this, but in these trying times it is extra important. Comforting go-to’s can be home made mushroom soup with lots of garlic, freshly pressed lemon and ginger with hot water and honey mixed into it as well as fresh chicken soup of course!
  • Hug a tree. Some of you may laugh at this, but trees actually give off beautiful healing energy. Try it out, ask the tree for immune support.
  • Laughter. Watch funny movies, or listen to funny podcasts to get your laughter ratings up. Anything to get you to distract your mind will be helpful and when it’s positive, your body will respond to it.
  • Limit social media and the news. Yes, it is important to stay in the loop of things, but it is also important to not get too caught up in it. For your own sake. Worry is not your friend. If we can manifest things with our intentions and collective consciousness, we need to focus on positive things, like gratitude for little things we can do in this stage of the pandemic.
  • Send healing light to the world and everyone in it. This is like a meditation exercise. Visualize white or pink light around the globe in your mind with the intention to raise the vibrational frequencies. You can also look at a picture of the earth if that helps.
  • Sleep! Last but not least, try get as much sleep as you feel you need. It’s a great reset and healing and repair takes place. Take natural melatonin if you need help in this department. Consult your health food store for advice.

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