Road to Freedom

freedomFeeling down can drain you with feelings of being overwhelmed, which is not very productive. We often burdened ourselves by “how things should be”, but really, according to whom? I like to invite you to experiment and play with your thoughts and thought-patterns.

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Challenge yourself when you have negative thoughts going on in your mind. Ultimately what is ‘actually happening’ is neutral. It’s our thoughts that label events “good” or “bad”. Changing your perception will change how you feel.

Here is a simple and basic scenario to get you started. You are in a shopping mall downtown Calgary. You have to go up to the second floor, because your favorite store is there. You opt for the escalators instead of the stairs. Once you approach them, you notice they are not working. You can have two responses to this. One of frustration and one of let’s do it, it is what it is.

You could think along the lines of: “Aargh, Why are they not working, I don’t wanna walk up, I am tired.” And you get frustrated. If that is the case, just be aware that train of thought, take a deep breath and try to find a way to see it in a different way. Try for example “Oh, well, I guess I need my exercise today” or “I could use some exercise, let’s do it”. The second way of thinking will make you feel a lot lighter than the first one. It is entirely up to you. Can you feel it?

Start with small things and work your way up from there with tougher things. As weird as this may sound, we often enjoy the drama over being light, and it all has to do with our addiction to emotion. Stress and frustration, anger and jealousy will take their toll on your health if it’s long-term. There was a good saying posted on Facebook a little while back: “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die“. This counts for all sorts of negative self-inflicted thought patterns.

A tougher example would be when you feel rejected by someone. Let’s say, a long-term friend has decided to let you go. That can be hurtful, unless you look at the bigger picture. Again, two choices of how to see it. One being: “No-body loves me” (the most dramatic way) or “I guess our experiences are done together. It’s time to move on. Someone more suitable will come (or already is) into my life”. It’s about trusting that everything happens for the greater good of your spiritual growth. Often as we grow on a spiritual level, our frequency changes, and if this particular friend hasn’t grown as much, it’s time to let go, as the relationship no longer serves its purpose. You probably have gained other meaningful relationships in the meantime so why not focus on that, instead of what is part of the past.

There is a freedom in this kind of perception-change! Be aware of your thoughts. Many spiritual teachers have said that for many years. If you want to feel happier and lighter, think of ways to see things differently.

What you resist, persists…


Written by Norja Vanderelst

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