What is SMT – Structural Myofascial Therapy?

Structural Myofascial Therapy.

The fascial system plays a dynamic and critical role in the relationship between posture, postural alignment and its ability to function.

  • Combines a method of subjective evaluation, Postural Somatic Awareness (PSA), and deep, hands-on working in the myofascial system (connective tissue).
  • Invites a tactile dialogue with areas that are stiff or painful, limiting range of movement
  • Rehabilitates: more generous movement allowing a better adaptability
  • Guides/facilitates the person in their process as they become acquainted or reacquainted with their potential
  • Supports exploration of the person’s potential


  • Improve the relationships between the different parts of the body: a more well organized body!
  • Improve alignment and balance
  • Fuller respiratory ability
  • Better support
  • More efficient use of energy

“Structure determines function – Function determines structure”

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